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Uncertainty is something that we will all find difficult at some point in our lives. Imagine waiting in hospital for news of a loved one not knowing if they will survive the night. It can be unbearable and often it is the not knowing, the uncertainty of the situation that we find most difficult. The example we’ve used here describes a major life event. For most people uncertainty is a constant feature of life and without realising it we tolerate uncertainty without noticing it. We drive to work without worrying about traffic hold ups and being late; we go out for meals without worrying about food poisoning. Even if the thoughts pass through our minds, we pay them no heed because we have learned to tolerate the uncertainty. 
However, for people who worry excessively small every day events cause levels of distress and anxiety on a scale of the hospital situation. 
People who worry excessively often find uncertainty difficult to tolerate. The not knowing leads to imagining worst case scenarios and often starts with asking ‘what if?’ questions. This leads to huge amounts of worry and feeling anxious. 
People who worry get caught up in overwhelming ‘what ifs?’ and tend to be concerned about unpleasant imagined future events which can make it difficult to focus on the present. 
Worry becomes problematic when it becomes persistent and causes high levels of distress. Worriers often describe looking for something to worry about and find it hard to control their worry. When everyday life spirals into worry it means that we stop enjoying life and start to feel low as well as anxious. This is where CBT can help. 
CBT is recommended for the treatment of worry. During therapy we will: 
• Understand our worry and why we do it 
• Learn to identify worry types and be more present 
• Develop ways to accept and build up a tolerance of uncertainty 
• Learn to problem solve (rather than delay and procrastinate) 
If worry is affecting your life negatively then head to our contact page. We will be able to help. 
Tracey and Clare 
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