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Of late, I have been hearing about and sharing stories of modern life’s stressors. . . .  
They have included tales of people getting caught up in endless circular systems where no end point is reached. I think that we’ve all been there – GP surgeries wanting you to phone the next day for an appointment only to find the appointments have already gone; trying to find the right person to speak to; computer systems devised to make ‘life easier’ but you only find yourself caught going round and round, not being able to access the right person or department. A close friend talked about how their HR department had been consolidated into a single access point called ‘Helpdesk’ which turns out to be anything but. I write this with a smile on my face, but we all know the feelings of annoyance, frustration, angst and powerlessness we can feel when faced with these human made systems. Imagine explaining them to a friendly alien coming to Earth to learn about the human race. 
Stress is a regular part of our day – we cannot expect it not to be – however it can accumulate and the stress hormone, cortisol is so automatic and unconscious that it happens under our radar. 
Add to daily stress, some significant life events – the shocks and losses we will inevitably meet in our lives and we can begin to feel the impact on our mood, with increased feelings of anxiety, or annoyance, or low mood or a mix of all of them and some. 
It can feel unpleasant and difficult to get ourselves ‘back to normal for me’. We can help. As CBT therapists we work with you to understand your stress, how it affects you individually and how to nudge yourself back on track.  
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Our ‘helpdesk’ is open to do just that. 
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